Species that survived colossal calamities and evolved over millions of years are now on the verge of extinction, thanks to us.

However, there are many humans who are champions of the wild. One such person operates in the Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve (KNP & TR) area—Rohit Choudhury.

Coming from the humble town of Bokakhat in Assam, Rohit has successfully fought several battles against the violation of wildlife laws in Kaziranga, Manas Tiger Reserve (both World Heritage Sites), Deepor Beel wetland (a Ramsar Site) and surrounding areas.

The National Highway-37 winding through KNP is an eternal curse on the park’s wildlife. Animals were found dead or hurting near it every day. Choudhury’s RTI application revealed 251 Kaziranga animals getting killed on NH-37.